Monthly Archives: November 2008

A Beautiful Some-thing

Open Studios was a HIT! I sold lots of paintings, a BUNCH of my experimental drawing pieces (to my surprise), and met lots and lots of very nice people. And am now thoroughly inspired to continue making my work. Much, much thanks to everyone who came and supported me, and special thanks to those who bought work.

Right after open studios I had to move out of my studio for two months, which has given me the opportunity to work on another project that’s been on the backburner for quite a while. It’s a book – I wouldn’t quite call it a picture book, but it’s not a graphic novel either. Rather than try to explain, here are some photos:






Obviously it’s for kids – well, “tweens” – but I’m trying to keep it ambiguous in meaning so it can be enjoyed and interpreted by anyone. Also, she will eventually have hands.  Won’t go into the boring details right now, but will give a brief synopsis of the story:

It’s about a girl called Stella who wakes up one morning to find a strange “thing” in her sock drawer. She is intrigued by it and goes off on a quest to discover what it is. All the people she asks basically disregard the discovery and think it’s just a piece of old fluff from her socks. She consults a scientist, a mathematician, religious scriptures, the internet, her mom, her best friend and her teacher, none of whom can tell her what it is. Eventually she throws it away believing that if it has no name and no value to anyone else then it must be unimportant. However, the thing has triggered something inside her and she experiences a sense of loss and confusion. She finally digs it out of the trash and keeps it close to her.

Sounds weird I know, but the full story and photos make things a little clearer.

She’s made of modeling clay and wire, much like the stop motion puppets I’ve made in the past. Eventually I’ll probably make a little stop motion piece to accompany the book.

Here are some more photos of drawings I made (and sold) for open studios.