Monthly Archives: October 2010

Fall Open Studios

I admit it.  I’ve been a slacker.  It’s been a while since I’ve participated in open studios, but with a new studio and a new, very motivated studiomate (check out her work here), it is time to get serious again!

So here are the details…

When:  This weekend!  Saturday October 16th and Sunday October 17th.

Where:  South Beach Artist Studios, 3rd Floor, Suite 300, room 3, 340 Bryant St, San Francisco.

Times: 11am – 6pm both days.

I’ll be showing all my new work, plus I’ll be selling some older work and some sketches at a discounted price!

As usual, I will be serving Bloody Marys (until they run out) and we’ll have some other light refreshments.

You can see more photos of my work here: photos


Drawing Breath (revisited)

Many years ago in the early days of my blog, I published a post called “Drawing Breath”.  It was all about the beginning of my explorations into automatic drawing processes.  Much time has passed since then, and I find myself revisiting the theme of connections between drawing and breathing.  With open studios looming I’ve been thinking about the questions I am asked frequently about my work – where my ideas come from, how my process works etc – so I’ve been reflecting on how my practice has evolved and my thoughts came back around to breathing.

It goes something like this:

My ambition in all of my drawings is to find that moment when the process of drawing, and the actual image created, come as easily as breathing.  There is a natural movement in drawing that is neither strong and deliberate, nor fragile and  hesitant.  Overthink the process and the resulting image looks belabored or contrived.  Let loose completely and no longer pay attention to what is unfolding before you, and the drawing dissipates and becomes unfocused.  Like breathing, drawing actually comes naturally if you let it find it’s own pace and expression within your body, and then enjoy the process of allowing it to flow through you.  Not surprisingly, I can usually tell when my drawings are not going well because  my breathing becomes hesitant, shallow and caught.

But this is not to say that finding that moment is easy.  It’s a constant struggle to remember not to get trapped in my mind – that the work is happening out there on the paper, and not up here in my head.

Anyway, here are a couple of glimpses of what’s going on in my studio in these last few days before open studios.  The photos are not great because I took them at 10pm with no natural light, but you’ll get the general idea…

And here are a few more images: photos