Monthly Archives: January 2011

New Year, New Websites, New Show!

To kick-off 2011 I have redesigned and relaunched my website.  You can still find it at the same url:, or by clicking the “my website” link on this blog (to the right).  The new website will allow me to upload current work more often, and it groups my work according to year and series.

I’ve also decided to venture out into illustration this year…. Here’s a link to my illustration website, Muddy Puppets.  The illustration work is completely different from my fine art, but serves a very important purpose in my creative process.  I’ve discovered over the years that when I work only two-dimensionally and only in one medium, on one series, the tendency is for my work to become very tight and for me to become creatively blocked.  Alternating between media and working on different ideas helps me to stay “loose” and fluid.  I could make a diet analogy here – a varied diet keeping one regular and all that – but that would bring a whole new meaning to what “blocked” might mean, and frankly, that’s gross.  To this end, I’m also considering taking up ceramics again, or some other 3D art form (besides puppet-making), possibly even installation work.

Finally, this weekend I’m installing 4 or 5 art works in a small group show at Liquid Spaces.  The show will open sometime after January 15th and I’ll keep everyone posted on when and how they can see this work (if you’re interested).  It’s a non-profit, non-traditional art space at one Union St in San Francisco .  Here’s a link to their blog.  I’ll be showing with two other local artists – Bernadette Jiyong Frank and Jeong Im Yi.  The show is titled Marking Time and it examines our experience of time as both an ever-present moment, as a linear progression from the past to the present, and in relation to memory.  I’ll post more details here as they become available.

In the meantime, here’s one of the larger pieces I’ll be showing in the Marking Time exhibit.  It’s called “Large Grid”.  It’s about 36″ x 36″.