Monthly Archives: March 2011


The reception at liquid spaces was fantastic.  So many people came out to support us.  I met a lot of interesting people, including Jonah Burlingame who’s work I have admired for a few years now, and got to introduce my work to new friends.  I’m always amazed and touched at how many of my friends will make the effort to attend receptions, and buy work.  I am a very lucky girl 🙂

Friends At the Reception


After Party

So, now that I have officially made my entrance into the San Francisco artosphere, what’s next?  Doing this show and winning the Artslant contest have led to a lot of interest in my work from various people – gallerists, private collectors, art consultants etc, and I feel poised to take the next step.  Whatever that is.  How do I choose a path from here?  What are the pitfalls I should avoid?  Who do I trust?  Until now it has felt as though I was stumbling around in a dark room, trying to find  the door to a career as an artist. Now the door has been opened I’m both excited and overwhelmed by the possibilities that lay ahead.  Unlike Alice, I’m not the risk-taking type.  No white rabbits for me please.  I need a map to help me find the best way through the woods, avoiding big bad wolves and witches with gingerbread houses.  I think the appropriate motto is slow and steady wins the race.  Right?