Artist Residency at Vermont Studio Center!

(Above: Work in progress – VERY large)

I’m very excited to announce that I was offered a residency at The Vermont Studio Center this summer, so will be busily making new art in Vermont for a whole month, without the distractions of everyday life.  I’ll be there with 49 other visual artists and writers, and 5 “visiting” artists, so will need to overcome my fear of new people and get yapping.  I’m really very, very excited about it as it’s my first ever residency, and a pretty prestigious institution.

My only worry is that I’ve run out of steam making the current body of work – in fact, to tell the truth I’ve hit a pretty major creative block that’s lasted for 5 months and counting – so I’m afraid I’ll get there and stare at the wall/floor for 4 weeks.  All the advice I’ve heard about residencies tends toward the “go with no preconceptions and no plans” kind, so maybe that’s what I’ll do.

Maybe, like the way my artwork evolves, I’ll start with no ideas, stumble around in the fog a bit until something exciting happens, and then follow the path that opens up, figuring out the structure as I go along – and only at the end (or maybe weeks later) will I have any understanding of what just happened.  Art, and life, are much more understandable and meaningful in retrospect.

Here’s a video explaining what it is.  Writers and artists, take note.  You might want to apply too.


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